Göcek is a huge marina with an azure sea, countless bays covered with pine and olive trees, serenity and hundreds of boats. This blue stop, which has received its share of the miraculous coastline of the Aegean Sea, is the full address of peace with the generous treatment of nature. You can also visit during the autumn and spring seasons, as the temperature is high compared to other coastal cities, not only in the summer months. As soon as you go, this cute settlement where you will become a regular. Göcek will connect you with the green, blue, sounds of crickets and sweet winds, you will have the opportunity to swim and experience peaceful moments accompanied by the smell of the forest. Hamam Bay, Bedri Rahmi Bay, Yassıca Islands, Boynuzbükü Bay, Yayansu Bay, Merdivenli Bay, Aquarium Bay and more azure coves that do not end with counting you will enjoy.